Girls MGL

Attention all club footballers: if your squad photo is not yet online, tell your manager to contact us. Keep him/her under pressure!
Managers: email us those pictures that you want included in your page and we will do the rest and add a match report or news item for your team just by by logging in.

It is not practical to use this facility for fixture notification – stick with the texting and phone calls!

Metropolitan Girls League

Check out the very informative MGL website, which has the following sections, amongst others, that are of great use to those involved within this league:-
Club Secretaries: If you are not sure of an opposing teams pitch location or are not sure if the weather is playing havoc with their facilities or even wish to organise a friendly, look up and contact the club secretaries number here. Note: any league or cup fixture change requests MUST be made through our own MGL Secretary above and not by team management.
MGL Rules: Take some time out and read through these rules, as the chances are you will find something that you did not already know. A lot of essential and sensible guidelines and rules, that are being adhered to by this club.
List of Referees: We all know Johnny Watson, “Santa” and many of our other refs but take more time out, print off the list of referees and get to know (at least) your match referees first name. There are many more refs coming on board, filling in those gaps that we have all experienced during the last few seasons. It is a hard job, but you can see that many of them also contribute to the development of the younger players by enhancing explanations of the rules, by offering advice and encouragement during a match. We all like to chat with the ref for a minute or two before and after a match, so keep up that relationship as a ref can experience a few difficult moments from time to time