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Written by MUAFC Administrator   
Monday, 31 December 2007 21:03


Eamon Scott came across this article and form while browsing through the FAI website and is of importance to all footballers over the of 14. Please read the questions at the end of the article. We have subsequently recived hard copies of these questionaire.       

FAI Initiate Heart Campaign

THE FAI is mounting a nationwide campaign to increase the awareness of Sudden Cardiac Death among footballers.

The Task Force on Sudden Cardiac Death recommended a systematic assessment of those involved in sport and encouraged all participants, aged 14 years or older, engaged in recreational activity to fill out a risk assessment questionnaire and seek advice from their family doctor where a positive response occurs.

The Association's Medical Committee is urging all players over the age of 14 years (as per the Report of the Task Force on Sudden Cardiac Death) to complete a questionnaire that has been designed so that an initial risk assessment of Sudden Cardiac Death can be made. The simple questionnaire can be downloaded from the association's website,, and is also available from club secretaries.

The FAI's Medical Director, Dr Alan Byrne, said it was extremely important that all players (14 years and older) complete the questionnaire.

“Every year we hear of players collapsing and dying on the pitch because of Sudden Cardiac Death. Taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire could help to save lives in the future. The questions are simple to answer and designed to highlight where a risk may exist.“ If this self-assessment highlights a potential risk then players are advised to contact their family doctors for further examination, investigation and referral where indicated,” said Dr Byrne.


NAME: …………………………………….

DOB: ………………………………….……

ADDRESS: …………………………………



HAVE you any previous history of heart disease? Y / N

IS there any family history of sudden cardiac death in close relatives (brothers, sisters, parents), under 40 years of age? Y / N

DO you suffer from or have you suffered with chest pains when exercising? Y / N

DO you suffer from or have you suffered with breathlessness when exercising? Y / N

DO you suffer from or have you suffered with dizziness when exercising? Y / N

DO you suffer from or have you suffered with palpitations (a very fast or skipped heart beat) when exercising? Y / N

Please Note:

1. If you are between 14-16 years old you should complete this questionnaire with the assistance of your parent(s)/ guardian

2. If you reply "yes" to any of the questions above you should make an appointment to see your Family Doctor.

3. He/She will perform an examination which may include an electrocardiogram (ECG) or "heart racing".

4. He/She may decide to refer you to see a Cardiologist or "heart specialist".

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