Child Protection

Club statement of its Child Protection Policy

Malahide United A.F.C. is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all our members participating in the club’s activities. The safety and welfare of each child will be our first priority and will supersede all other considerations. The club will ensure that this policy is incorporated into all clubs policies and activities and that every coach/leader within the club is familiar with the policy and principles that underpin it. It is the duty of all adults involved in or supporting the club to ensure that this policy is followed at all times. We should all work together to create and maintain a positive atmosphere.

The club will have the principle of ‘fair play’ as its core ethos. Fair play is about much more than just rules. It relates to the creation of a positive atmosphere in our club, which will be friendly to all (members and guests) and allow everyone to enjoy all aspects of the game.


When people talk about Child Protection they tend to do so in an atmosphere that can be somewhat cautious. Child protection policies should not necessarily cause worry for members. A large part of this is practical common sense and, in a way, it merely sets out a structure to inform how we as a club should behave towards our younger members.

The Childrens Policy document should be seen as the club formally setting out the behaviours and standards that we expect from all involved in our club from our senior members, coaches, parents.
To protect the integrity of this policy it is important that the policy itself is not abused in any way such as to get at any club member because of personality differences or where there is a disagreement over ‘footballing’ matters, as these should be addressed in other fora.

Where any action or unacceptable behaviour is witnessed immediate intervention should be taken if this is necessary. If immediate intervention is not necessary the manager’s attention should be brought to the situation at the first opportunity. Managers should bring all complaints received to the attention of the relevant club official.

Remember at all times that we are all volunteers doing our best and that sometimes we get things wrong. We should all try to be positive at all times and accept that difficulties have to be addressed in an open, positive, and respectful way.

Children are most perceptive and can pick up the nuances and body language used by adults so we should at all times ensure that where complaints arise they are dealt with away from the children where possible.
The complete Malahide United AFC Childrens Policy Document can be found online by logging in to the Members Area.
Roles and guidelines for Managers/Coaches, Parents, All Adults involved with the clun and for children can be found here.

We do not link or associate childrens names with any pictures on this website. When you look at a squad photo and players names on a team page – the names ARE NOT in sequence with their location in the photo, they are intentionally in different a order!